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  • Tomasz Kapuśniak, Paweł J. Borkowski, Katarzyna Dośpiał-Borysiak
  • Wymiar południowy, północny i wschodni Unii Europejskiej: osiągnięcia, szanse, wyzwania
  • ISBN: 978-83-60695-30-2 Lublin-Łódź-Warszawa
  • 2009 str.
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  • (Kod: 144)


Southern, Northern and Eastern Dimensions of the European Union: Achievements, Opportunities, Challenges

The European Union is becoming a global player in numerous dimensions. Not only economic, but also social and cultural/civilisational potential contribute to this fact. Being a global player forces the EU to establish and maintain good relations not only with important states and regions located far from the EU borders, but also with its direct neighbours. In order to do so, the EU strives to stabilise and improve its relations with countries on its southern and eastern borders. The fifth anniversary of the implementation of the EU’s European Neighbourhood Policy leads to reflections upon this issue. To this end, this analysis attempts to answer the key question from the point of view of the EU: does the cooperation with the neighbouring states within the southern, northern and the emerging eastern dimensions contributes to the improvement of those relations, or is it an ineffective tool? What are we witnessing: copying the dimensions’ guidelines and frameworks or competition between the EU dimensions?