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  • Tomasz Kapuśniak, Dominik Mierzejewski, Jakub Zajączkowski
  • Strategiczny trójkąt Rosja-Chiny-Indie: szanse i wyzwania w XXI wieku
  • ISBN: 978-83-60695-31-9 Lublin-Łódź-Warszawa
  • 2009 str.
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Russia – China – India “Strategic Triangle”: Opportunities and Challenges in the 21st Century

In 1998, Yevgeny Primakov called for „building a New Delhi – Moscow – Beijing strategic triangle”; however, this initiative was not supported by New Delhi and Beijing, as China and India were not ready for this alliance. A few years later, in 2005 in Vladivostok, foreign ministers of China, Russia and India signed documents on trilateral cooperation. This gave rise to speculations on the issue of creating a strategic partnership directed against the USA. Can the arguments and postulates presented in Vladivostok and in previous declarations be translated into a real alliance? Are there two dominating partners in the newly emerging strategic alliance? What were the arguments for such steps in Russia’s, India’s and China’s diplomacy and would the purpose of this alliance stand the test of time?