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  • Tomasz Olejarz
  • Bułgaria i Rumunia we Wspólnocie Europejskiej. Aspekty prawne i polityczne procesu akcesji
  • ISBN: 978-83-60695-29-6 Lublin
  • 2009 str.
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  • (Kod: 149)


Bulgaria and Romania in the European Community. Legal and Political Aspects of the Accession Process

The expansion of the European Union as a result of the accession of Romania and Bulgaria brought an insignifi cant cognitive response, both in the political and scientific environments. Although right after the expansion some timid comments on this matter appeared in the mass media, soon this issue ceased to be attractive to them. This fact is somewhat alarming, as the accession of these states to the EU deserves a moment of more serious refl ection because of its importance, not only to both Bulgaria and Romania, but also to the European Community and its Member States.