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  • Paweł Olszewski
  • Stosunki Macedonii z Unią Europejską. Starania o członkostwo
  • ISBN: 978-83-60695-28-9 Lublin
  • 2009 str.
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  • (Kod: 151)


Relations of Macedonia with the European Union. Application for EU Membership

Relations between the European Union and Macedonia are mainly based on Macedonia’s attempts to become a Member State, the implementation of the acquis communautaire and requirements set by particular Communities documents, as well as the continuation of the widely understood transfor mation of the country. By comparing the Macedonia-EU relations to the EU-Balkans relations as a whole, one can state that the Republic of Macedonia did quite well with tackling many issues that turned out to be problematic for Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina or Montenegro. What is more, amongst all Western Balkan countries it was Macedonia that made the most signifi cant progress on its way to the EU membership.