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  • Tomasz Kapuśniak
  • Polityka czarnomorska Rumunii
  • ISBN: 978-83-60695-41-8 Lublin
  • 2010 str.
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Romania’s Black Sea Policy

The aim of this research is to analyse Romania’s foreign policy towards the Black Sea region, after the Cold War. Romania became the EU member on 1 January 2007. As a result, the EU borders were extended to the Black Sea coast. Until that time, Russia and Turkey had been the countries that appreciated importance of this region the most. At the same time Greece ceased to be a lonely EU island on the Balkans. Nowadays, the EU’s territory stretches from the outskirts of south-eastern Europe on the Black and Marmara Seas, up to Swedish and Finnish coasts of Scandinavia. Nevertheless, the fact that Romania opened the European structures to the Black Sea region, is a big advantage of this country’s accession.