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  • Tomasz Kapuśniak
  • Polityka czarnomorska Grecji
  • ISBN: 978-83-60695-42-5 Lublin
  • 2010 str.
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Greece’s Black Sea Policy

The aim of this research is to analyse Greece’s foreign policy towards the Black Sea region, after the Cold War. Greece implements foreign policy accordingly to the key geographical areas directly connected with the Black Sea region. From the point of view of this analysis the most interesting ones, are: 1. Europe – the EU member states, and European countries outside the EU; 2. Russia-Eastern Europe-Central Asia; 3. South-Eastern Europe that encompasses the Balkans, Cyprus, and Turkey. In a mid-term perspective, several priorities of Greece’s foreign policy can be pointed out:
1. Continuation of the European direction in Greece’s foreign policy.
2. Loosening of relations with Turkey.
3. Greece’s Balkan policy and stability of this region.
4. Euro-Atlantic context. The main thesis of the following analysis comes down to a notion that, although Greece is not directly located by the Black Sea, this country plays a crucial role in the regional system of power.