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  • Andrzej Gil
  • W cieniu przeszłości. Stosunki polsko-ukraińskie i polsko-białoruskie – stan obecny i perspektywy
  • ISBN: 978-83-60695-44-9 Lublin
  • 2010 str.
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  • (Kod: 163)


In the Shadow of the Past. Polish-Ukrainian and Polish-Belarusian Relations – Current Situation and Perspectives

In the paper the current situation and the perspectives of Polish-Ukrainian and Polish-Belarusian relations have been analysed with the consideration for several myths referring to the past of these countries. The past is shown to have been mythologized and to have undergone a propaganda process in favour of political campaigns prompted by current demands. In both the countries – the Ukraine and Belarus – there are a lot of negative stereotypes existing in the relations with Poland. The fact results mostly from the historical circumstances but it seriously affects the present of interstate relations and seems – in case of the Ukraine – to be able to negatively influence also their future. One of the precautionary measures in that situation might be a powerful educational impact on the Polish side, based for example on the popularisation of the idea of a historical community within the Commonwealth of Many Nations.